Welcome to the internet home of Bunhaüs Jingles. I produce custom tracks to fit your specific needs.  PODCAST THEME SONGS are my main focus. Radio spots, company jingles, even the theme for your monthly improv show.. Guitar based music is my bread and butter.. but literally anything is possible.  Indie rock? Nasty funk? Dirty South Trap beats? That "Eyewitness News" clichè theme?.. Whatever you're hearing in your head, I can do it, and I'd be honored to do it for YOU.  No I don't have a zither, but I can get one.  Somewhere.

Yes, I know.. there are 25 zillion podcasts on iTunes alone.  Sure.. you can go with some cheap $12 royalty free stock music.. but will it be custom written specifically for you? But will that cheap song sound like your favorite band? (if that's what you want) Will it have lyrics about bespectacled unicorns playing drinking games? (If that's what your podcast is about.) I think not.  I live eat sleep and breathe music, and I know what's in and whats "sooo last week".  That is why you choose me. 

Please take a listen to my samples to get an idea of what I can do for you, and then head over to the contact form.  (If the type of music you want isn't like anything you hear on the samples page, that doesn't mean I can't do it for you, anything is possible.)  Let me know a bit about your project, what you are looking for, and we'll take it from there.  Don't be afraid to contact me if you are on the fence, I love getting to opportunity to prove myself with my music!  I look forward to working with you.  

I work mainly in Pro Tools 10 / 11, but I utilize Ableton 9 Suite, Logic 9, and Reason 8 if needed.  Bunhaüs studios has all the latest and greatest Plug-Ins, soft synths, and a small collection of top notch outboard gear to make your track sound like a zillion bucks. (Some folks will claim million.  Not at Bunhaüs. - gear page to come.)  I primarily work solo, but have access to some brilliant studio musicians, should your project need a specific voice (female, for instance), pedal steel, a 21 gun salute.. (These are things I do not have but are easily available to me.)

Catchy music production is my bread & butter, but that's not where it ends!  I can edit and master your podcast so it sounds as articulate & pristine as possible.. I also do custom editing work for dance studios.  Full money back guarantee if you can hear the edit!  Head over here for more details.

"Chris' jingles have been like family to me.. In fact, one of his jingles raised me from a small boy.. Seriously, he's professional - quick, easy to work with - So what are you waiting for?!" - Todd Glass (The Todd Glass Show)

What a handsome gentleman.

What a handsome gentleman.

Christopher Wrigley is a multi-instrumentalist, engineer, producer.  He attended Five Towns College for Audio Engineering and holds a Master Certificate in Music Production at the Berklee College of Music.

Check out his Soundcloud page, where he posts random music, songs that started as jingles but turned into something else, songs that never really fit any project he was part of at the moment..