Custom editing work for dance studios

I also do editing for dance studios.  Looking to cut an entire verse out of a song?  Make the song exactly 2:00 long? Speed it up / Slow it down.. Double a chorus?  I will make all your edits in perfect rhythm, with absolutely no pops, clicks, or weird cuts. 

$15 per song (up to 3 edits)
$5 each additional edit

Example: You would send me the song you want edited.. and tell me "Cut out the 2nd half of the first verse from :47 to 1:21, cut the bridge from 1:54 to 2:32, double the last chorus that ends at 3:05, and fade out.  Also speed up the song to 128 bpm.  

The above would be 5 edits, costing $25.  

For speeding up / slowing down a track.. If you are unsure about BPM (beats per minute) you can goto a simple site that allows you to tap your spacebar along with a song to tell you the current BPM.  Then tap what you would like it raised or lowered to, and let me know the number.  Sounds simple? It is!

All you need to do is goto contact and give me the name of the song and what you want done to it.  Please be specific with the song title and Artist, some songs have 20 remixes, are done by like 12 different artists, and could be from the 1957 cast recording, or the 2007 cast recording.. then just leave it up to me, I will locate the track (I have my henchmen that find the song in my billion song library), and I'll get down to business.  If you need it in like an hour, Sure! I can do that too, provided I am home.. rush jobs, just add an extra $10, (if I feasibly can) and i'll get it done within one hour of your message. 

Podcast Mastering

Recorded your podcast, but still not totally satisfied with the audio quality?  Nobody wants to spend time listening to audio that hurts their ears.  Let me edit and master it for you, and I will polish it like a fine Faberge egg.  

$30 / hr (most jobs will only take about an hour)

Head over to the contact page and we'll get this show on the road, ya goof.